Almost anything goes!  Reach out with what you’re looking for. I appreciate the unusual and stretching what I have done in the past.  

I have provided some general descriptions of some services offered.  More details and specific classes will be identified over time.

I will be communicating with you and providing most services myself. 

 However, if you request something unique I may work with other quality practitioners to best meet your objectives.


I offer tarot, runes, oracle cards, and other types of readings.  

You may ask for a specific modality or reading (such as runes or tarot) for general or specific readings.  

You may also share the objective of the reading and we’ll decide the modality that feels like the best fit.

This could include less common modalities such as I Ching, Welsh Tellstones, automatic writing, or Lenormand cards.


I offer natal charts and reports, relationship (synastry) charts and reports, detailed personal chat analysis, choosing the best days for an event such as a wedding or business launch, a rulership analysis of which planets wield the most power in your life, annual predictions related to your karmic path, the year to come related to planetary transits, and other analysis or predictive techniques based upon your specific need or interest. 

Education & Workshops

I offer many classes, from 1-hour general spirituality and empowerment classes or workshops to 10-week mastery classes. 

 Recent topics of interest include Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah, Runes, Sigils, Ancestral Stewardship, Age of Aquarius and Solar Deity, Eclectic Craft, Personal Power, Invocation, Spell Casting, Shamanic Journeying, Faerie Work, Hermeticism, Hoodoo and Southern Folk Magic, Logical Fallacies, etc.

Ecstatic Experience

I offer guided meditations, past-life regressions, shamanic journeys, work with spirit-guides, and similar ecstatic experiences to explore deeper levels of consciousness and connection.


I offer tailored instruction and personal support for practitioners of all levels. I can help you define and realize your objectives.

Event & Business Services

I can provide classes, workshops, and readings for events and gatherings.  

I work with several businesses on a regular basis and can provide multiple readers and/or teachers for larger events.