Hi, I’m Brett. Astrology suggested my life path was to help others explore their own spiritual paths. 

I have been doing that for awhile and the joy I get seeing others learn and grow still makes me feel like a child, in the best of ways. 

It fills me up and fuels me for next!

A Lover of All Things in the Natural World of Wonder.

As a father, veteran, real estate entrepreneur, investor, and 20-year engineer, I have learned to recognize and address many types of issues from many personal failures. I have an intense curiosity, crazy follow through, a bit of a silly side, and get deep satisfaction from motivating and supporting others.

I also just have a blast sharing what I am learning or experiencing with other folks – and USUALLY they do too. 🙂 

I don’t soft-pitch my perspectives, but I don’t assume they are anyone else’s “Truth” either. I offer what I can sincerely and with as much compassion as possible. I don’t judge other’s paths and expect no reverence for my beliefs or opinions.


Most importantly, I absolutely thrive on sharing the spark of growth and seeing others empowering themselves…

Thank you for visiting my page. 

I hope something here “fuels you for next” as well.

The Mindz Eye Interview

Check out my 30 minute video with Patti McGarrahan with The Mindz Eye where I discuss my practice, approach, and passion for the spiritual, astrology, and many other topics in the arcane.