Spirituality & Mysticism

We all strive to find and feel belonging – in the world, in the eyes of others, and even within our own sense of self. It is a difficult path to find and a very (very) challenging path to maintain with today’s mundane teachings, news and advertising chatter, and perpetual distraction.   

It is my passion to share what I have discovered so far and participate, with you, in the perpetual process of being our best selves.

New to Embracing the Magic Around You?

The world whispers but few listen.  You probably sense a calling for more or different if you are here.  

For many, it was often a process of clearing and profound self-love and acceptance that lead to feelings of belonging, deep personal power, and the wisdom to guide yourself and support others. 

We can help you discover who you are today, where you might try going, and how to best enjoy the journey.

Already on Your Spiritual Path?

It never ends…  In many ways it “takes a village” to empower the modern human.  We are all doubtful, distracted, or just stuck from time to time.  

We all need others to best reflect on ourselves and our ideas.  We all need to hear other’s experiences that relate to our situations so we can choose from paths formerly travelled or develop new one’s of our making.  

We’d be happy to hear about your experience and offer you some of our insights on communion, community, and the spiritual path in general.

Already Boosting Community and Healing Others?

Please reach out and share what you are doing!  

We’d be happy to support you.  

Let us know if you are planning something already or if you would like information on some of our more common services.  

If you’ve got something new or unusual in mind, even better!

We Are All Part of the Magic…

Recognize, accept, and grow in your place of being and power.  

There are so many ways to discover yourself!  Let us help you do it.




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